RE reading day


Here we are dressed up as Old Testament characters! Can you guess who we are?

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Jaden’s half term week

Inset Day – Friday 15th February
I went to the cinema with mummy, to see Wreck it Ralph. It was fun. My favourite character was Ralph because he breaks everything. The film was in 3D and we had to wear special glasses.

Monday 18th & Tuesday 19th February
On Monday and Tuesday I went to football holiday club. I like going to football, it is fun. I get to tackle and run. My favourite team is Liverpool.

Wednesday 20th February
I went to Schoolers club at my old nursery. We went on a trip to Pickford House. We looked at things from the past. They ate mice. We dressed up in old clothes.

Thursday 21st February
On Thursday I went to my Mamma and Grandpa’s house with my brother Marley. I went to play golf with Grandpa. I have my own set of golf clubs and I love playing golf. When Mummy came home from work we all went out for tea for a treat.

Friday 22nd February
I went to schoolers club at my old nursery and played with some of my old friends.

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Discovering Materials

We are learning about different materials. We are investigating what materials are made of and how they feel. We have learned some new words like opaque and transparent. We are also testing what materials are magnetic.
What have you learned about materials?



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Making a Safari Park

We are making a class safari park. Each group of children has a different part of the park to make. There will be an entrance and car park, shops and customer services, play area and picnic area and animal enclosures including penguins, lions and giraffes. The challenge was to make each area 3d. Take a look at how we are getting on so far. We will show you the finished park when it is completed.













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Blog of the Week!

We are very proud that this week we have been awarded with Class Blog of the Week at our school! This is because of our work on ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’. Well done to all of the children who posted this week.

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Giraffes Can’t Dance by Joshua k and Ella

Gerald was a tall giraffe he’s neck was long and slim and she tried to run around and she bucked on he’s knees.When it came to dancing he was really very bad now ever year in Africa they hold the jungle dance  Gerald stepped of the dance floor . The warthogs was wolsing and the rhios rock and roll the lions did a tango the

babbos did a cha-cha-cha with a scotish real hey look at clumzy Gerald the animals  all  lafted.

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giraffes cant dance Isabelle Rafal

We have been lerning  to akt girafs cant dance there was a mocey a lepud  a rinuoa               a zebra wortog a liun  a hipo I liked the where the liun was danceing and when the rinos rokn rol .

We made some clay animals I made a monkey Rafal made a zebra .

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about us kaja and meg

It is exciting.

We all love that.

After school we.

Do balai we like it very much.

And we met are friend Wiktoria

And AbiGall.

me and kaja

went to have dun exciting we do lots off funny things.

like going to Gulavass

we had a grait time.

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Giraffes Can’t Dant’s By Freddie and Delia

Gerald  was a tall giraffe  how’s neck was long and slim but his knees were awfully bandy and his legs were rather thin. When he tried to run around he buculd at the knees. Now every year in Africa they hold the jungul dance.

nWhen every singull animul terns up to scip and prants.

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Football at School Francis and Jaden

I  was playing football on the filed on Friday and I scored a goal.After that

me and  my friend are gowing into the  final.Jaden  was happy.After wards

Francis and Jaden played Football in my garden.




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